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The engine consequently combines high end features thorough modularity and flexibility. This makes it possible to use, modify or extend features using the OpenGL Shading Language without needing detailed low-level knowledge about all complex engine details. You can work with the high-end features on a high abstraction level, you can step deeper into a particular feature as needed and wanted, and you can add new specialized and optimized effects.

Supported Formats

Lots of common file formats are supported, and are able to be loaded directly into the running engine. In this way, data is never needed to be converted saving development time.

Compression Formats

Compressed Archive File (.pak)

Texture Formats

Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
JPEG File Interchange Format (.jpg)
Truevision Targa (.tga)
Windows Bitmap (.bmp)

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows
Intel or 100% x86 compatible CPU
OpenGL supported GPU

OpenGL 2.1 specification emphasizes hardware acceleration of the engine, but is fully backwards compatible apart from 1.0.