How To Setup Shaders E-mail
Supplemental Object Documentation

1. Overview

The Shaders are used to manipulate the graphical objects within the environment which affect the appearance, and behaviors.

2. Methods

 Load <filename> <shader>

Load a shader from file.

 Unload <shader>

Unload shaders.

3. Example

The following example is based upon the engine being initialized at which point the sample shader file is loaded, and applied to any object.

' Game Basic 3D Engine Build 4096
' Copyright © Monarke Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Private Shaders As New GameBasic3D.Shaders
' Engine.Initialize
Object.Shader = Shader.Load "./..", "..."
    ' Engine.Pipeline
' Engine.End
Set Shaders = Nothing

4. Disclaimer 

Please note that the shader files, and other various effects that can help extend the example are not entirely present but assume you're already familiar working with them. Please refer to the other online content, and technical reference included with the installation for further documentation.